October 27, 2016

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For info call 603 781-4304 or 603 845-9323

LittletonKateRRP Initial
(8 hours)
6/29/20178AM - 5PM$195

ClaremontKateRRP Initial
(8 hours)
7/7/20178AM - 5PM$195

ManchesterKateLead Abatement
Class (All One Class)
July 12,13,18,198AM - 5PM$495
RochesterKateRRP Initial
(8 hours)
7/20/20178AM - 5PM$195

ManchesterKateRRP Initial
(8 hours)
7/21/20178AM - 5PM$195

PortlandKateRRP Initial
(8 hours)
7/25/20178AM - 5PM$195
PortlandKateRRP Refresher
(4 hours)
7/26/20178AM - 12PM$150

RRP Initial - One day 8 hour lead safety class for people who have never been certified, or have let their certification lapse for more information click here

RRP Refresher - For people who have taken the 8 hour initial class but whose certification is about to expire for more information click here

Lead Abatement Class - A contractor can take a 4 day class and be certified as either a supervisor or a contractor. After the class they must take a State test and pay for a state license of $125-$300 before they will be certified by the State of NH. If you want to work in other States, although we don't offer the training, give us a call or send an email and we will help you find the right agency.

In NH, a contractor can take a 3 day class and be certified as a lead abatement worker. The worker must be supervised by a lead abatement Contractor or Supervisor and cannot be left alone on the job. After they pass the class, workers must pay a $75 license fee to be certified by the State of NH. for more information click here