November 5, 2016


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Our Featured Comment For This Month

I felt that Kate was very devoted to not only helping but informing us about lead cautions and understanding. It seemed that she was not teaching as a job but more as a passion about the subject. For me, that helps me to learn about a subject and become interested in more than just the certification. I personally had many questions throughout the course and the instructor did not hesitate to stop and field those questions, to help me better understand a certain rule or regulation. I was very happy with her course and came out of it with a much more positive attitude than expected. Thank you!
Jesse J.

Great class and easy to understand.
David P.

Great class. The instructor was very knowledgeable.
Arnaldo Z.

This class met all goals for proper training and certification.
Donald R.

This class was great but with so much info it actually has to be longer and taugh slower. (But glad it wasn’t ).
David L.

Very thorough a. Complete understanding of what is needed for RRP certification
Jay O.

Great job
Matt D.

Kate was outstanding. Very knowledgeable and kept the course interesting. Excellent instructor.
Dan B.

The instructor was very good and informative.
Gerald B.

Very well organized and implemented class. Kept everyone attention and drew class participation.
Bruce G N.

Kate was excellent (a true professional). I was dreading this class but ended up enjoying it throughly. The instructor was extremely well versed in the subject, and went out of her way to answer questions related to my specific field. I would highly recommend both the class and instructor to Anyone who works in a field that involves contact with or the removal of lead paint.
Alan B.

This class helped me realize what lead paint can do to young children as well as adults and just how important it is to take all precautions to contain it.
Christopher C.

The class was very informative. Our instructor was very well spoken and covered all the points that were necessary and the class flew by !!
Mark S.

Kate was great she made school fun instead of omg boring.
john W.

Very good teacher Kate is and her staff .. Setting up another class for my guys to take with her…
Don M.

I would like to say that after being in the construction trades for 30yrs it was very eye opening to learn about the true dangers of lead poison! It had never been explained to me in detail the way it was in your course! Thank you for keeping it interesting for most of the 8hrs! Thanks Jeff.
Jeff D.

I went into this experience with a somewhat negative attitude. Upon completion my attitude had been reversed 100 percent. Kate’s ability to teach a huge amount of information in an engaging and stimulating fashion is amazing. If I had had more instructors like her, I probably would have finished college. In addition to all of the technical information and training, and I think more importantly, I came away with an understanding and awareness of how serious and important the lead poisoning situation really is. Having two young grandchildren myself, I am very grateful for this awareness. I highly recommend this course and especially Kate as an instructor.
Lawrence M.

Great Class
Brian C.

I enjoyed attending the course and found the provided info to be very interesting and the instructor to be very engaging and pleasant.
RRP Training, Manchester

I have had to attend many training sessions during my long career as an architect. This RRP training, without doubt, is the best I have ever attended. Informative, thorough, amusing, and most of all delivering a very important message to the community of local builders and contractors. Thank you, Kathryn!
RRP Training, Nashua
Ermina (Architect, EPA Region 1 Toxins & Pesticides Unit)

Very well done. A long day but full of important info. Interesting with lots of examples.
RRP Training, Manchester
Sue (Painter)

It was an informative Refresher. I have received and enjoy the monthly e-mails that you send.
RRP Refresher Training, Westbrook, ME
Chip (Owner, Harbor Builders Assoc.)

The course was well worth the time! Very informative.
RRP Training, Manchester

The presentation and services were very helpful and Kate was very knowledgable.
RRP Training, Manchester

Very informative. Helped clarify some mis-information from previous class in 2010. Definitely walked away better informed to grow my company and assist my customers better.
RRP Refresher Training, Manchester
Skip (Owner, The Window Source)

The abatement contractor’s class was very helpful & informative. The small class made it easy to ask questions and open discussions.
Lead Abatement Contractor Training, Manchester
Benjamin S. (Carpenter)

-Excellent presentation!
-Very good at keeping interest in the subject!
-Extremely knowledgeable & an excellent communicator!
Thank you for the great lunch and hospitality!
RRP Training, Manchester

Very informative class!
Well taught.
RRP Refresher, Manchester
John S.

Very helpful! Didn’t know lead was so BAD! Thanks for making me a safer contractor.
RRP Training, Manchester

Great classroom setting. Two excellent instructors with lots of information and related to real world scenarios.
RRP Training, Manchester

Extremely practical course based on personal experience and thorough knowledge gained by countless contractors about their experiences in the field. A+
RRP Refresher, Westbrook

Precise and Professional.
RRP Refresher Training, Manchester

The presentation was complete, thorough and very informative. If an individual knows nothing about the RRP, by the end of the day they will be experts.
RRP Training, Manchester

Extremely informative.
RRP Training, Manchester

Very good
Pragmatic approach.
RRP Training, Manchester

I learned a lot of information about lead dust that I didn’t know before. Very educational. Kate Kirkwood is a very good teacher.
RRP Training, Tamworth
Paul (Quality Insulation)

I think the class was put together very well and was very informative.
RRP Training, Tamworth
Jim (installer at Quality Insulation)

It was really interesting and informative. I feel like I am better prepared to renovate in my home! I feel like I could get employed in this field.
RRP Training, Nashua High School South
Rich (high school student)

YOLO you only live once so don’t screw it up ’cause of lead paint or materials.
RRP Training, Nashua High School South
Nathan (high school student)

I was moved by the kindness and care that my instructors have for the home owners and people that are effected by this. The knowledge I was given is very valuable to everyone. Thank you
Lead Abatement Training, Manchester

Loved the class. It was very informative. Everyone should educate themselves about lead.
Lead Abatement Training, Manchester

Kate is truly a superb educator. She relates the information in a manner that it easy to grasp yet still familiarizes her students in the technical terms and concepts that could otherwise be overwhelming. We all are aware of the turn-of-phrase “knowledge is power” but in this case knowledge is health, both physical and mental and I feel I am far better able to inform both strangers and loved ones of these mostly unknown and/or misunderstood dangers.
Lead Abatement Training, Manchester
Matt (Contractor of Northeast Craftsmen)

I was well informed throughout entire course. All questions we all had were answered by instructor very well.
Lead Abatement Training, Manchester

I liked it! Very informative, and changed my thinking on lead itself. I could wait to pass on info to friends and family, to help them to be more aware of the dangers of lead (poisoning). The class made me anxious to get out of there, and get to work on removing it! Slide presentations were fantastic, ‘hands on’ too.
Lead Abatement Training, Manchester
Jon (Contractor)

It’s with a great deal of appreciation that I acknowledge Kate Kirkwood’s diligence and persistence in bringing an outstanding lead hazard awareness class to the North Country. The class was well organized, well presented and helpful in all aspects to our full service real estate organization.
Lead Abatement Contractor Training, Littleton
Gerald (Realtor)

This course helped me to take a vague understanding to a defined work plan.
Lead Abatement Contractor Training, Littleton
Cathy (Teacher and Realtor)

Most comprehensive one-day training session I have ever taken without feeling like I was drinking from a fire hose.
RRP Training Class, Bedford
John (Co-owner, Project Green Builders, LLC)

This course was valuable to me, as an investor, to know the proper procedures, documentation and techniques to look for when hiring a certified RRP contractor to do the work.
RRP Training Class, Bedford
Joe (President NHREIA)

Very Comprehensive and informative. I was very engaged… ended up enjoying the class!
RRP Training Class, Manchester
Marissa (Best Home Improvements)

The presentation was very energized and engaging, making it an educational and worthwhile day.
RRP Training Class, Manchester
Margi (Knott Available)

Very informative, educational and the instructors were very good.
RRP Training Class, Manchester
Gary (Painter)

Very good presentation.
RRP Training Class, Nashua
Tom (Soil Away Senior Tech)

The presentation was excellent with good instructors.
RRP Training Class, Nashua
Robert (Owner/Landlord)

There was great information. I will be putting what I learned into use on my projects! Thanks!
RRP Training Class, Nashua
Anonymous Contractor

Everyone was involved in the class. We were given real life situations of lead poisoning to help us realize what can happen. I really enjoyed the hands on activities.
RRP Training Class, Manchester

Very Helpful and I learned a lot!
RRP Training Class, Manchester

Great Training!
RRP Training Class, Manchester

The presentation was great and the instructors were very informative. Also, the hands on learning portions helped the training move along.
RRP Training Class, Manchester

The hands on activities were very helpful and fun!
RRP Training Class

The class was well put together. I enjoyed the hands on activities.
RRP Training Class, Manchester

I did not realize the importance for lead safety. Now I am SOLD!
RRP Training Class
Tim (Deputy Building/Health Officer)

The instructor, Kate Kirkwood, was very knowledgeable and presented the material clearly and made the class enjoyable.
RRP Training Class
Ralph (former NH Representative)

Great class. Very informative.
RRP Training Class