November 3, 2016

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Offering discount prices on environmental safety services and the ‘Tools of the Trade
for Lead Paint Safety, Lead Paint Abatement and the RRP Law!

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5 Key Things You Need To Know To Avoid An EPA Fine

We know that EPA audits and inspections can be confusing and complicated, and we have come up with a simple tool for you: The 5 tips you need to avoid an EPA fine! This short report and video series could be worth $37,500 to you! Get your copy today for $9.95

Replacement RRP or Lead Abatement Certificates or ID cards

Have you lost your card or certificate? Did you take your Initial class with Lead-Edu? You can order a new ID now. Please call or e-mail us if your address has changed.

Duplicate Certificate emailed to keep on file: $15

Laminated ID card and certificate mailed to you: $25

The Contractor & Renovator’s Essential Forms CD – $15 (plus shipping)

All the forms & brochures the contractor needs for record keeping purposes, all in one place. Simply print out the form or brochure you need, whenever you need them. The CD Includes:

  • Protect Your Family From Lead In The Home – Brochure (English & Spanish)
  • Parents Guide To Lead In The Home
  • Renovate Right Brochure (English & Spanish)
  • Renovation Record keeping Checklist
  • RRP Supply Checklist
  • Firm Application (National, MA & RI)
  • Record Of Tenant Notification Form
  • Renovate Right Signature Page
  • Renovation Notice Form
  • RRP Report/Daily Log
  • Test Kit Documentation Form
  • Non-Certified Worker Training Form
  • Lead-Check Kit Instructions
  • Lead-Check Kit Brochure
  • Lead-Edu Store Flyer
  • RRP Program Rules At A Glance – Flow Chart
  • Paint Chip Sampling Guide
  • Tenant Disclosure Form
  • Warning Signs (English & Spanish)
  • 5 Key Things You Need to Know to Avoid an EPA Fine
  • RRP Records and Inspection Checklist

Renovate Right Books – $1.50 each (plus shipping)


Books can be purchased in quantities of 5, 10, 25 and 50. If you are looking for a quantity less than 5, consider downloading the book from our Helpful Links Page and printing them on your computer. This option may be easier and less expensive.


Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair & Painting – $30 (plus shipping)

Initial Student Manual 2012






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Call 603-781-4304 or Email for prices


Call 603-781-4304 or Email for prices


Call 603-781-4304 or Email for prices


Call 603-781-4304 or Email for prices


Call 603-781-4304 or Email for prices