November 4, 2016

Helpful Brochures

brochure_renovate_rightRenovate Right – The industry standard which defines lead hazards and lead safety and all the basic information regarding the EPA RRP rule and how to perform a renovation correctly and ‘lead-safe’. (en Español)

Protect your Family From Lead in Your Home brochure_protect_your_family_english – Another industry standard containing everything you need to know about lead, lead safety and how to protect your family from this hazard in the home.

brochure_protect_your_family_spanish Protect your Family From Lead in Your Home (Spanish)

brochure_protect_your_family_russianProtect your Family From Lead in Your Home (Russian)

Protect your brochure_protect_your_family_arabicFamily From Lead in Your Home (Arabic)

brochure_protect_your_family_vietnameseProtect your Family From Lead in Your Home (Vietnamese)

brochure_protect_your_family_somaliProtect your Family From Lead in Your Home (Somali)

rebuild_healthy_homesHealthy Homes Resources Guide

brochure_reducing_lead_hazards_when_remodeling_your_homeReducing Lead Hazards When Remodeling Your Home – Another excellent source for A-Z information about lead safety when renovating your home. (en Español)

brochure_small_entity_compliace_guideSmall Entity Compliance Guide – The RRP rule in a nutshell. A-Z for contractors.

brochure_seven_tips_for_a_healthy_homes7 Steps for a Healthy Home – 7 quick & easy steps to help keep your home safe and healthy.

brochure_help_yourself_to_a_health_homeHelp Yourself to a Healthy Home – An A-Z ‘healthy home’ brochure covering everything from allergens to air and water.

brochure_lead_ang_pregnancyLead and Pregnancy 2010 – A 300 page comprehensive booklet covering everything both pregnant and new mothers need to know about protecting their unborn and newly born babies from lead poisoning.

brochure_get_ahead_of_lead_if_youre_pregnantGet Ahead of Lead if You’re Pregnant – A simple 2 page brochure with the basics of avoiding lead exposure to your unborn baby.

brochure_contractors_lead_safety_during_renovationContractors Lead Safety During Renovation – A 2 page complete checklist to help contractors & renovators stay RRP compliant. (en Español)

brochure_effects_of_lead_on_childrenEffects of Lead on Children – A 1-sheet handout on the symptoms and effects of childhood lead poisoning.

brochure_lead_and_healthy_dietFight Lead Poisoning with a Healthy Diet – great tips on how to use certain foods to help battle lead poisoning. (en Español)

brochure_lead_poisoning_and_learningLead Poisoning and Learning – A 1-sheet handout on how lead poisoning effects childhood learning.

brochure_lead_poisoning_behavior_and_violenceLead Poisoning, Behavior & Violence – A 1-sheet handout on the links between lead poisoning, behavior difficulties and violence.

brochure_how_lead_poisoning_prevention_saves_the_community_hugeLead Poisoning Prevention Saves Community Huge Money – A 2-sheet handout on how lead poisoning prevention creates huge bottom-line savings for society.

brochure_eliminating_childhood_lead_poisoningEliminating Childhood Lead Poisoning – The complete 91 page booklet from the U.S. government explaining their plan to eliminate childhood lead poisoning.

brochure_what_caregivers_should_know_about_leadWhat Every Caregiver Should Know About Lead – An educational 1-sheet checklist for caregivers regarding lead safety.